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Young Athletes Especially Need Chiropractic Care

Baseball & GloveDoes your football player have shoulder, knee pain or muscle back pain from getting tackled? Your basketball player have a jammed finger or twisted ankle? Soccer player have headaches, or neck pain, or ankle pain? Baseball player with shoulder pain or elbow pain?

All of these conditions have one thing in common, they can be managed with chiropractic care! Young athletes have substantial needs and more and more parents are seeking out chiropractic treatment for these sports injuries. Our musculoskeletal systems are at greatest risk in training and competing in virtually all sports.  Kids that participate in some type of sport are required to have a sport physical by their pediatrician before starting the season. Yet that just involves eyes, ears, and throat checked. What about the part that takes a beating with contact or collision sports- our spines! It’s just as important to have a biomechanical chiropractic examination before starting and then during the entire sport season!

Our bodies keep a perfect scoreboard of every trauma we endure in our lifetime. A chiropractic exam can identify imbalances, fixations and distortion patterns in the spine and extremities (feet, shoulders, knees). These are the predictable and measurable factors that ultimately lead to wear and tear of our musculoskeletal system. We all know youth tends to hide the initial signs and symptoms of an injury or they appear short lived until years later when we finally begin to feel the effects. However these accumulations over time create skeletal problems years later.

Dr. Stacy Gray at Gray Family Chiropractic in Raleigh NC, has been able to help many of these sports injury complaints by utilizing specific chiropractic adjustments to the spine and extremities.  Her office also has a state of the art neuromuscular stimulator, called the TheraStim, that aids in faster rehabilitation in sports injuries to get the player back onto the field. TheraStim is a direct current electrotherapy modality that is utilized for reducing pain, muscle spasms, increasing and restoring range of motion, and increasing circulation to the affected areas. TheraStim is a distinctive breakthrough in the treatment of soft tissue rehabilitation and Gray Family Chiropractic is one of only a handful of chiropractic physicians in the Raleigh area to offer this modality.

Chiropractic is the answer to taking care of these young athletes developing spines. Dr. Stacy Gray loves taking care of tweens and teens at her practice, Gray Family Chiropractic in Raleigh because they are the ones that she sees the most dramatic change. Their bodies aren’t fully developed and they are at a time in their growing years that you can make the greatest corrections. Plus Dr. Gray knows the chiropractic care they receive now affects their long term quality of life! Be proactive not reactive in the care of your budding athlete and have them checked soon whether it’s the beginning of the season, middle or end! Give our office a call today to schedule your athlete for a biomechanical evaluation at (919)850-2440.


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