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Building Bridges Parent Testimonials

Review a selection of our Building Bridges parent testimonials below and please email or contact the office if you have any questions.

– Dr. Alisha Davis

“Our family cannot say enough great things about Dr. Davis and her staff! We looked to Dr. Davis for guidance in helping our 5 year old son (now 6) in resolving his primitive reflexes and developmental delays – primarily in communication, fine motor, and social skills. Some gains our son has experienced from the Sensory Development Program include increased eye contact and ability to track visually, decreased tactile defensiveness, and overall improved motor skills – including a decreased fear of heights, ability to jump confidently, and most recently hopping on one foot!

What we appreciate most about Dr. Davis is her patience, honesty, and overall care for our son. The biggest hurdle we have is in traveling 75+ miles for the appointments – but it is always worth the trip!”


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